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Calling The Wolf
Convicted Heart

Convicted Heart

Series: Singles
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Western
Unexpected car trouble brings photojournalist Brandy Peterson to a dot on the map known as Last Chance, Texas where a hunky, blue-eyed cowboy saves her from certain death. More info →
Dragon’s Pursuit: A Red Slaves Novella (Hotel Paranormal)

Dragon’s Pursuit: A Red Slaves Novella (Hotel Paranormal)

eBook: $2.99
Maxim Krempenski wants to get through his thesis defense to earn his political science PhD. He must, in order to help his dragon shifter family survive the new Russia. The Elder Gods have other plans and force him to take a break at The Hotel Paranormal, where he learns fellow student Yuliya Orlov may be even more trouble than he imagined. Yuliya takes her career advancement in the KGB seriously, so she's happy to follow orders to track and eventually detain Max on her superiors' orders. Then she discovers the ideological rot at the core of her assignment. Can they set aside their differences to ensure the dragons have a prosperous future? More info →
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$2.99eBook: $2.99
As the first human to be infected by a Lykanos in thousands of years, Tilly is an anomaly. More info →
The Builders

The Builders

Earth’s alien progenitors have returned leaving two women to find unexpected pleasure together, but will that solve the galactic die-off? More info →