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Latest Book Release From Gayla Drummond: Immortalis!

This one totally crept up on us, but we are thrilled to announce Gayla Drummond’s latest release of Immortalis!


It’s already live over on Amazon, but we’ll be adding links to its book page on here as we go. Until then, here’s the exciting blurb!

As the first human to be infected by a Lykanos in thousands of years, Tilly is an anomaly. Being cast out from the village of her birth makes her an Outsider. Learning to be a researcher is her refuge.

Until there’s a murder at her old home. She accepts a place on the team investigating the crime armed with the knowledge that everything she was brought up to believe is a lie—but even that doesn’t make her return any easier.

Faced with the past, she must come to terms with her future while helping to hunt the murderer before more die.

The first book in part of an on going series, we really can’t wait until Gayla writes more! But if you’re as excited as us and you haven’t yet read any of her other amazing titles then check out this post to hear more about an offer on her books!

– The Katarr Kanticles Press Team

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