Latest Release & Beautiful New Covers!

It’s that time again!

The Katarr Kanticles Press offices have been abuzz with work these last few weeks, not least because we’ve been curating beautiful new books for you and redesigning a couple of our best!

So first of all…


That’s right. Our lovely Original Music Makes series by the talented Veronica Purcell has gone from these rather dashing covers…


To these amazing redesigns!


Aren’t they amazing? We hope that you love them as much as we do! So go out and grab your new copies of Saving Star and I’m Kita Duran now.

And not only that, but we have a new werewolf book for you!

That’s right, the fourth book in the Indigo Skies series hit the shelves at the tail end of April and we’ve all been delighted with the early reviews it’s received on Amazon.

Calling The Wolf runs parallel to Lightning & Power and is the fourth book in Rebecca Clare Smith‘s fantastic dark fantasy series. It follows Logan’s adventures as he attempts to solve his sister’s case whilst she’s away on other business, but, as in Baying For Blood, has he bitten off more than he can chew…?

Sharp pain jolted me awake.

I must have hazed out again for a minute, because he was crouched in front of me, his hand on the hilt of the knife still sticking out of my shoulder. His face was in sharper focus than ever, concern etching his brow. I unclenched my teeth, or what was left of them, & let out a slow breath.

“Not dead yet then?” he muttered.

While his sister’s away, the wolf will play… until the claws come out.

Half-werewolf Logan is helping his sister with an investigation, but it’s just a distraction from sexy shifter Jenna & her refusal to commit to their relationship. Surely she’ll change her mind if he catches those responsible for abducting her nekojin brethren?

Except, Jenna doesn’t trust him to crack the case by himself.

Dauntless, Logan figures solving the crime & saving the day will win her love & respect, but he has no idea why these monsters are taking the shifter women or exactly how deep into the dark moonlighting as a detective will drag him…

Will this teeth clenching case finally show them all what he’s made of? Or will the werewolves responsible tear him apart?

Logan’s dying to find out…

So add that to your 2017 best werewolf books and get reading!

– The Katarr Kanticles Press Team

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