A Little Nip

A Little Nip
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Series: After the Fall, Book 3
Genres: Erotica, Post Apocalyptic, Sci Fi

A She Said/He Said erotic shorts combo.

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About the Book

Unknown until our contact with humans, we blindly assumed that the first reports were only rumors created to undermine our credibility with the Drac. Many thought that it was their jealousy of our obvious superiority that generated such outrageous tales. And I was one of them until that day on the spaceport when I met her, and discovered the reality of Nip.

Truth be told, it was not as much a ‘meeting’ as it was an ambush.

Two short shorts with a total word count of 4,935.

Published August 22, 2008.

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About the Author
Gayla Drummond

A puppy rescuer and equine slave who loves to write and entertain people. She writes urban fantasy and other things.

If you’re interested in news and future releases, you can find her on Facebook or Twitter, and visit her author site, GLDrummond.com.

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