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A Warrior’s Worth

A Warrior’s Worth
Series: After the Fall, Book 6
Genres: Action & Adventure, Post Apocalyptic, Sci Fi

Never once did she think of surviving: only of the little ones. Hybrids or not, they were the future; the continuance of life and of her familial line. It was her duty to protect them at all costs – including her own life.

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About the Book

Sensing their fear as she crept, she purred as loud as she dared, attempting to calm their nerves, as well as her own.

As she neared the cellar door, she could hear faint footfalls on the steps ahead of her. She let out a soft sigh knowing Trip and Mrel had made it. Reaching for the knob, a clicking sound startled her. Knowing she was quick, but not as quick as a blaster, she slammed the door shut, sealing the kittlings in – and herself out. Whirling to face her attackers, her tail surreptitiously hit the safety lock on the keypad.

She had done her duty as a Katarr female, and more importantly—a mother. As she stared down the two heavily armed Drac, she prepared herself to die an honorable death; with her fangs buried deeply into the neck of her assassin.


Release Date: December 15, 2008

Word Count: 6,130

About the Author
JC Montgomery

A native San Franciscan currently residing as a Northern Nevadan, J.C. Montgomery firmly believes that fulfillment doesn’t come with a dollar sign, however it sometimes can be found downing a venti skinny vanilla latte with an extra shot at her local coffee house.When not reading, writing, and panhandling for lattes, she can be found reviewing books on her blog.

You can follow her on The Biblio Blogazine, Twitter, and Facebook.

JC passed away July 20, 2016.

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