Far From Home

Far From Home
Series: After the Fall, Book 4
Genres: Action & Adventure, Post Apocalyptic, Romance, Sci Fi

Sniper had been his former occupation, and he had adopted the title, leaving his name on Earth.

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About the Book

Sniper had been his former occupation, and he had adopted the title, leaving his name on Earth. Occasionally he wished he still had his rifle. He had been roaming the wild bush for months now, enjoying the primitive simplicity of his new life. This world, Llaac, had new dangers, and many humans had not learnt the form they came in quickly enough. His fitness had helped him survive. At nearly six foot tall, his height was well complimented by a solid, well muscled build, although more on the lean side since leaving Earth.

The distressed animal growls had stopped, so Sniper dared to move closer for a cautious look. His brown hair and pale brown eyes emerged from the depths of the leaves, his gaze intent.

He took in the sight and stifled a gasp. The sounds were not coming from an animal – the motley group of men had captured an alien.

Release Date: December 15, 2008

Word Count: 13,716

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About the Author
Damian Herde

Damian spends most of his day killing harmless plants in the name of biology. Otherwise he’s partial to writing stories that appeal to his imagination and indulge his escapist tendencies, as he encounters more than enough reality in his daily work. From mythology and fairytales dipped in darkness, to shining technological sci-fi, all is fair game!

He has begun to build his publishing credits with short stories and a number of competition wins, and his first eBook was released through Mystic Moon Press.

His website is FableCreations.com.

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