Tria’s Tale

Tria’s Tale
Series: After the Fall, Book 1
Genres: Post Apocalyptic, Romance, Sci Fi

Tria Stevens distinguishes herself in the war against the Drackennishan, only to be betrayed by her lover. At the mercy of the enemy, she must fight for continued survival on the bloody sands of an alien arena.

Survival isn't her only goal, after the Katarr warrior Mrir is placed in charge of her. He arms her not only with knowledge and training, but with hope for a life beyond the Blood Pit.

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About the Book

Release Date: August 18, 2008

Word Count: 33,273

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About the Author
Gayla Drummond

A puppy rescuer and equine slave who loves to write and entertain people. She writes urban fantasy and other things.

If you’re interested in news and future releases, you can find her on Facebook or Twitter, and visit her author site,

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