Wolf at the Door

Wolf at the Door
Jan Xu, a Singaporean Chinese Lang (wolf), mother and daughter, receives a phone call from her sister, Marianne, who returns to Singapore with a new boyfriend and a hidden agenda.
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About the Book

Is Jan Xu able to accept this new Marianne and a threat to her stable life? What can an ex-teen vigilante do?

Welcome to Singapore, where the Myriad co-exist with ordinary humans; where ancient urges and needs wrestle with human ones. Where the Lang straddle between many worlds.

Release Date: May 28 2013

Paperback Only.

Page Count: 212

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About the Author
J. Damask

J. Damask is the nom de plume of Joyce Chng who resides in Singapore with her family and likes all things esoteric. She has also published her fiction at Crossed Genres, Semaphore Magazine, Bards and Sages Quarterly, and the Apex Book of World SF II.

Wolf At The Door is only the beginning of an interesting urban fantasy saga: the world of the Lang and other animal clans living in Singapore.

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Reader Email: sabersger@yahoo.com

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