Latest Release & Beautiful New Covers!

It’s that time again!

The Katarr Kanticles Press offices have been abuzz with work these last few weeks, not least because we’ve been curating beautiful new books for you and redesigning a couple of our best!

So first of all…

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New Release From Gayla Drummond: Convicted Heart

It’s beginning to look a lot like… Oh, who are we kidding? It’s still January. But it’s January with another release from one of our favourite authors!

That’s right, if you haven’t been following Gayla Drummond‘s progress on her Fiction Tavern, she’s released a new novella in the form of Convicted Heart!

Unlike her other recent novels, this shorter novella doesn’t have any of those pesky werewolves or psychics or talking dogs, but it does have another kind of magic. The magic of romance!

Unexpected car trouble brings photojournalist Brandy Peterson to a dot on the map known as Last Chance, Texas where a hunky, blue-eyed cowboy saves her from certain death.

Gayla Drummond’s latest release, Convicted Heart.

Reed Lattimore’s world is turned upside down by her appearance, and he longs for the feisty stranger to stick around.

But there’s a secret in his past that’s forever tainted his future, and Brandy’s not the sort to let a mystery go unsolved.

Grab your copy now! For a limited time only, it’s at an introductory price of just $0.99! And, if you end up falling in love with Gayla‘s work just like us, you can sign up to Fiction Tavern to get early access to her works!

– The Katarr Kanticles Press Team

New Release from Tonya Cannariato: Dragon’s Pursuit!

Frustrated waiting for Tonya Cannariato’s next Red Slaves release? Well have we got a snippet for you!

The Red Slaves Trilogy by Tonya Cannariato

Both part of the amazing Hotel Paranormal series and a Red Slaves novella, Dragon’s Pursuit is a sure fire way to get that Red Slaves hit you’ve been craving. And it’s a new release! So why don’t we tell you a little bit more?

Maxim Krempenski wants to get through his thesis defense to earn his political science PhD. He must, in order to help his dragon shifter family survive the new Russia. The Elder Gods have other plans and force him to take a break at The Hotel Paranormal, where he learns fellow student Yuliya Orlov may be even more trouble than he imagined.

Yuliya takes her career advancement in the KGB seriously, so she’s happy to follow orders to track and eventually detain Max on her superiors’ orders. Then she discovers the ideological rot at the core of her assignment.

Dragon's Pursuit

Can they set aside their differences to ensure the dragons have a prosperous future?

The Hotel Paranormal is the place for supernatural beings looking to get away from it all. Beings like werewolves, vampires, elves, sprites, djinn and more check in from all over the world for business and for pleasure — and sometimes for both.

Welcome to The Hotel Paranormal…

But don’t worry, this sexy novella doesn’t mean that you won’t be getting the last book in the Red Slaves series. In fact, Tonya is working on it right now, so why not check her blog to keep up to date with the book’s progress? We really can’t wait for Fire To Dragon.

– The Katarr Kanticles Press Team

Looking Back On 2016…

2016 has been a funny old year. We had some fantastic new book releases but we also lost one of the best and brightest of our writing team (JC Montgomery).

This year’s releases:

And it’s not just us that has had a year of ups and downs.

We’ve lost some amazing celebrities (David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Harper Lee, Carrie Fisher, etc), had the weirdest year in regards to elections & polls (Trump, Brexit, etc), and suffered countless unwarranted deaths at the hands of terrible organisations.

But there have been some good things. For example, giant pandas are now no longer endangered. They’re still a vulnerable species, but at least they’ve taken a step back from the brink through conservation efforts. It’s also the first year that tiger numbers have grown rather than declined.

Not to mention, after working hard, Sri Lanka is now malaria free. Another lovely and literary related one that we came across is that a Afghan teacher has been delivering books to villages that don’t have schools simply via bicycle.

So there’s some heartwarming news from 2016 for you. Hopefully, 2017 will continue with all of the good things and maybe it will even refrain from taking more people from our favourite celebrities list.

What we do promise, however, is that you will be able to buy plenty more books from us in the coming months!

Happy new year!

– The Katarr Kanticles Press Team