Latest Book Release From Gayla Drummond: Immortalis!

This one totally crept up on us, but we are thrilled to announce Gayla Drummond’s latest release of Immortalis!


It’s already live over on Amazon, but we’ll be adding links to its book page on here as we go. Until then, here’s the exciting blurb!

As the first human to be infected by a Lykanos in thousands of years, Tilly is an anomaly. Being cast out from the village of her birth makes her an Outsider. Learning to be a researcher is her refuge.

Until there’s a murder at her old home. She accepts a place on the team investigating the crime armed with the knowledge that everything she was brought up to believe is a lie—but even that doesn’t make her return any easier.

Faced with the past, she must come to terms with her future while helping to hunt the murderer before more die.

The first book in part of an on going series, we really can’t wait until Gayla writes more! But if you’re as excited as us and you haven’t yet read any of her other amazing titles then check out this post to hear more about an offer on her books!

– The Katarr Kanticles Press Team

Halloween Book Offers!

Halloween: it’s the most wonderful time of the year! And have we got a couple of book offers for you!

That’s right, here at the Katarr Kanticles Press offices we’ve been thinking about how to make your Halloween ten times better and what did we come up with? Discounted books! That’s right!

Discord discounted, too! Our amazing Discord Jones series (that’s seven books of kick ass urban fantasy) is available to buy, but the first book, Arcane Solutions, has been spookily lowered from $2.99 to only 99c.


But we couldn’t just give you one treat for your Halloween ereader. Oh no. So what did we do? We got you two!

So here’s your second dose of urban fantasy! And it’s the first of yet another series, this one with a twist of time travel. That’s right, you can get Preying On Time for only 99c with the code RW44W over at Smashwords.


And that offer lasts until midnight on Halloween, so get your glass slippers on, Cinders, and get down to the reading ball!

Happy Halloween, you horrors!

– The Katarr Kanticles Press Team

A Week Of Releases

It’s a week of releases in the Katarr Kanticles Press Office!

First of all, we have the release of the amazing The Builders by Tonya Cannariato. And when can you buy it?


The Builders

Earth’s alien progenitors have returned. For Tara Shifflet, abuse survivor and meeting planner, that wouldn’t be as big a deal as getting home to her therapy cat, except that getting anywhere in the U.S. is dicey in the wake of public uproar about first contact. For Navenah, a short-term assignment with vague directions to find generators to save her dying race leads to frustration and misunderstanding. The two women find unexpected pleasure together, but will that solve the galactic die-off?

Of course, that’s not all. We did say a ‘week of releases’, didn’t we? That’s right, we have yet another book making its way into the world this Saturday.

Yep. The third book of the Indigo Skies series is here. Lightning & Power is all ready to preorder now, but here’s a peek at the blurb. Not to mention that author Rebecca Clare Smith has some free excerpts going on at her website.


With little power comes great potential… & an agonizing death.

Business has been quiet since her last case, but an abduction in New York drags PI Violet Eonsen off to the states with the promise of a paid job. Accompanied by friend & mute, Simon, they soon realise that there’s more than just one victim here.

There’s been a spate of disappearances all over the city & the police aren’t doing anything. Necromancer Violet is convinced that the victims are still alive, but who’s kidnapping them & why?

When it becomes obvious that all the abductees are mutes or weak supernaturals, Violet’s desperate to send Simon home to protect him. Except Simon won’t leave. Finally finding a friend from the past, he’s unwilling to let go of the only connection to his old life.

But is this old friend all that she seems? & will Simon become the next victim on the kidnapper’s list?

Not if Violet can help it.

So get your copy of The Builders today & preorder Lightning & Power!

September Cover Reveals & Release Announcements

It’s been a busy old month at the Katarr Kanticles Press offices!

We’ve had plenty of final edits, book formatting, & cover creation to do. It’s also been a delight to note that our author, Gayla Drummond, has hit the top ten on the Australian Amazon lists for a second release! And not only is the fantastic Discord Jones snippet in the top ten, but it made number one!

amazon screencap  DJ_JLM_Cover_4x6

In other news, we have two more covers to reveal!

That includes Gayla Drummond‘s second instalment in the WatchWeres Inc series, entitled Chimaera. We’e really looking forward to the release, too, but we’re keeping the date under our belts for now. However, if you can’t wait that long for a new read, our second cover reveal has a date set in stone!

14238104_1079471725422711_3085304819938556895_n landp_cover2_4x6

The third book in the Indigo Skies series by Rebecca Clare Smith will be released on the first of October, but you can preorder Lightning & Power now! A gripping dark fantasy, set in a future where the human race has evolved into different supernatural races, we’re sure you’ll love this read and it will be right in time for Halloween!

So why not check out the two Indigo Skies prequels whilst you’re waiting or get stuck into the first WatchWeres Inc book? We’re sure you’ll be glued to the pages!

A Sad Announcement

It’s with a sad heart that we at Katarr Kanticles Press must announce the passing of a beloved friend, colleague, and author, J.C. Montgomery, on the 20th July this year.

JC  JC Montgomery

Those who knew her best have described her as an amazing and strong individual who will be sorely missed by all. Even in her last days, the true kindness of her heart was spent not on herself, but on the welfare of animals in need.

She fought a brave battle against cancer and her loss is heart-breaking. Yet, we are all much richer for having known her—even if it was for such an unfortunately short time on this earth.

J.C. will be remembered for her collaboration, A Little Nip, and her short story, A Warrior’s Worth, both parts of the After The Fall universe, as well as her fantastic book review blog, The Biblio Blogazine, where she wrote as the Bibliobrat.

Our thoughts now lie with her husband and her family. They have our deepest sympathies at this terrible time.

– The Katarr Kanticles Press Team