We’ve Been Making Our Lists & Checking Them Twice!

We might be half a year away from Christmas, but here at the Katarr Kanticles Press offices it certainly feels like a book holiday! We’ve recently updated our future releases so our wonderful, dedicated readers (that’s you guys!) can get in on the action!

We’ve recently released the first of Veronica Purcell‘s Original Music Makes prequels (Saving Star) and we’re in the midst of releasing a fantastic short from the world of the intrepid Discord Jones thanks to creator Gayla Drummond.

OMM Saving Star 2  13615096_2075750809316802_2670052121797364691_n

Now, if that isn’t exciting, we don’t know what is!

Except, perhaps, that we’re also expecting a fantastic, hotly awaited release from Tonya Cannariato too! And this one is in the form of The Builders – a science fiction romance.

And here’s the cover to whet your whistles:

The Builders

So, perhaps it’s not wintry Christmas yet, but we’re going to have a summery Bookmas instead!

– The Katarr Kanticles Press Team

New Year & New Releases!

It’s been a fantastic start to 2016 here at Katarr Kanticles Press.

Not only have we started keeping our release page more up to date, but we’ve already had a couple of releases from two of our amazing authors.

WWI-01_TheWolfFont-4x6  DH-FC-final_02

That’s right, so far we’ve had a new release from the ever so talented Gayla Drummond, author of the Discord Jones series. The Wolf Fount is a brand new story for a brand new series, WatchWeres Inc, and we just know that you are going to absolutely adore it!

So why not give it a go already?

And finally (we’d been waiting so long and we were so excited to read this) we have the conclusion to the Survival Trilogy by the awesome Rebecca Clare Smith. Delivering Hope is an explosive conclusion to a post-apocalyptic adventure with a disturbingly fantastic contrast between zombies and romance.

So why not try out a little of our good news and grab yourself a couple of copies of these beauties today?

We’re certain you’ll enjoy them!

– The Katarr Kanticles Press Team

After the Fall Series

This is a “living” series, in that new stories are added as we write them, but they don’t necessarily fall into place after the last title.

This is the current order of titles:

  1. Tria’s Tale
  2. A Trick of the Tail
  3. A Little Nip
  4. Far From Home
  5. Good Intentions
  6. A Warrior’s Worth
  7. Glimpses
  8. The Silent One
  9. By Chance
  10. When Fur Flies
  11. Witching Hour
  12. Hunter’s Edge
  13. Unexpected