Taste Of Blood

Taste Of Blood

Lia cackled in derision at the space where Simon had vanished. My mouth contorted, skewed in ghoulish recognition of the new horror that had befallen us. She rounded on me, my gun, the gun Simon had been holding, clasped in her hands. She must have caught it when I’d knocked him off his feet. F***.

“Looks like your friend is going to die twice.”

Then she smirked and dived through the portal before I had a chance to stop her, her body disappearing into the whirling, voluminous blue. With my gun.

My heart sped up. Panic set in. The machine was making a noise, warning it was going to shut down. It had transported two people, already. Could it support transporting one more? Red lights started flashing on the console. My wide eyes snapped from the portal to the door. A lump formed in my throat. What if there was no way back?

Gritting my teeth, I launched myself into the portal and closed my eyes.

About the Book

Death is on the cards & time is ticking out. A taste of blood is the least of a necromancer detective’s worries…

Wrenched from her comfort zone & flung into the past, supernatural being & private investigator Violet Eonsen must catch a vampire hellbent on revenge before the present is erased for good.

Trying to keep the timeline untouched is one thing, but dealing with an up spike in her supernatural abilities is another. Bursts of magic & uncontrollable reactions to death aren’t easy to hide. Can she keep both in check whilst under Simon’s watchful eye & still foil the villain?

Dragged along for yet another adventure he never wanted, Simon is fighting not only to keep his present intact, but to make sure crazed vampire Lia doesn’t murder his past self. Maybe then he can choose his own path in time.

Can the duo defeat Lia once more? Or is this case more than they both bargained for?

& why does Violet feel like it’s not just this vampire watching her every step…?

Series: Indigo Skies, Book 5
Genres: Mystery, Paranormal Fantasy, Supernatural, Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Katarr Kanticles Press
Publication Year: 15th April 2018
ISBN: 9781386837435
List Price: 2.99